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Intercultural Policies and Initiatives

In embracing diversity, the City is guided by the civic Equity Policy and Multicultural Policy. The implementation of these policies is supported by the City Language Bank, a volunteer group of City staff who provide interpretation services in a wide range of languages, as required.

As well, Burnaby has implemented the Safe Harbour program in all City facilities. The City was awarded the Canadian Safe Harbour Champion Award in 2009 from the Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies (AMSSA) for these efforts. Burnaby is also a member of the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination. Should you witness or be involved in an instance of racism and discrimination, please report it to the Burnaby Together: Organizing Against Racism and Hate Table via its online critical incident report form.


The City is a founding member of the award-winning Burnaby Intercultural Planning Table (BIPT), which works to share resources, identify service gaps and  support new immigrant and refugees in Burnaby, including work on inter-faith bridging. One key resource provided by the Table is the BIPT Inventory of Community Resources. Other helpful resources are the BC Refugee Hub and the Arrival Advisor App for newcomers to British Columbia.