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Property owners wanting to create a new parcel of land out of an existing parcel in the City of Burnaby must obtain subdivision approval. Land use policies and development requirements are set out in the Official Community Plan, the Zoning Bylaw and Subdivision Control Bylaw and other public documents.


The Subdivision Approval Process

The subdivision approval process enables the City of Burnaby to ensure that new parcels of land are created in a manner that is beneficial to the overall well being of the community and in compliance with applicable procedures, regulation and bylaws.

What is Subdivision?

The Provincial Government has granted municipalities the authority to regulate the subdivision of land. Subdivision can generally be described as the legal mechanism to create new parcels of land. The subdivision process is governed by the City’s zoning and subdivision bylaws and the Provincial Government’s Local Government and Land Title Acts.

When is Subdivision required?

In the case where a property owner wants to create a new parcel of land out of an existing parcel, subdivision approval would be required. Subdivision can take the following forms: 

  • Consolidating two or more parcels into one parcel 
  • Adjusting or realigning an existing property line 
  • Creating several parcels from one or more existing parcels

For any of these situations, the property owner must apply to the City of Burnaby for subdivision approval.

What is the Process?

The City of Burnaby has prepared a Subdivision Approval Guide to assist you in understanding the City’s subdivision approval procedure. Upon review of the material, anyone interested in submitting an application is urged to Contact the Planning Division of the Planning & Building Department for further information.

Prior to submitting a subdivision application form consider the following:

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More information?

If you have questions on the Subdivision process, please contact the Planning Department.

While every care is taken in the preparation of this web page, the City of Burnaby assumes no responsibility or liability in respect of this content. This information is intended as a guide only and is not a legal document. The public is advised to review the applicable legislation and bylaws and conduct its own enquiries with city staff.
Subdivision Approval Guide
Subdivision Application Form
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