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Transportation Planning

Burnaby Transportation Plan Update

Our current Transportation Plan is over 20 years old. It’s time for an update, and to think about the “big picture” for the future of Burnaby’s transportation.

Centrally located within a growing urban region, the City of Burnaby faces significant challenges in maintaining a successful transportation system for the movement of people and goods, while minimizing impacts to the community. Transportation Planning plays an important role in implementing the City’s Official Community Plan and its strategic directions of creating a community that is more complete, environmentally aware, involved, with economic opportunity and increased transportation choice. The strategies for achieving this are contained in the Burnaby Transportation Plan.

transportation planning

Current Transportation Initiatives

Community Transportation Plan Reviews

The City undertakes Community Transportation Plans to provide a process to involve residents in addressing neighbourhood-wide transportation concerns, such as intrusion of through traffic on local streets. Community Transportation Plans can include a mix of road improvements to encourage traffic to use the major road system and traffic calming measures to discourage traffic from using local neighbourhood streets. Community Transportation Plans have been completed for the following areas:

  • Burnaby Heights and Capitol Hill
  • Walker / Sperling area
  • Lakeview / Sixth Street
  • Forest Glen
  • Southeast Burnaby 


Burnaby Transportation Plan

The Burnaby Transportation Plan is the City’s guiding policy document for transportation. It establishes the long-term vision for moving people and goods in the City, while integrating and achieving environmental, social, economic, and community development goals. The City, at the Council meeting of July 10, 2017 adopted the report which outlines a process for the development of a renewed Burnaby Transportation Plan. More information regarding the plan, and the public consultation process will be available soon.

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