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Burnaby Transportation Plan Update

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Did you know that the City has a Transportation Plan?

Our current Transportation Plan is over 20 years old. It’s time for an update, and to think about the “big picture” for the future of Burnaby’s transportation.

Update Process

On July 10, 2017 Council adopted the recommendations in the Burnaby Transportation Plan Update report. The development of the updated Plan will take place in three phases over several years.

Public Input Process

Consultation for Phase 1 took place from August 1 until November 30, 2017. Please check back in 2018 for new updates.

Vision Theme Goals

The Draft Vision, Themes and Goals for the renewed Plan are outlined below.

Draft Vision

The draft vision for the updated Burnaby Transportation Plan considers the question: “What if Burnaby’s streets were not just corridors for movement, but public space to be enjoyed by all?”

In Burnaby, all travel choices are enjoyable and the transportation system is the foundation of our thriving public spaces and our quality of life. The transportation system not only moves people and goods between destinations but provides places for people to meet, linger, and participate in city life. It is a balanced and comprehensive system that offers accessible and safe mobility in support of a healthy, green, prosperous, and connected community.

Draft Themes and Goals


Accessible: access and choice

The “accessible” theme is about providing access and choice to users of Burnaby’s transportation system.


Safe: safe and secure mobility

The theme of “safe” mobility is about reducing the risk of harm for users of Burnaby’s transportation system.


Healthy: active people in healthy livable communities

The “healthy” theme is about supporting mobility choices that improve personal and community health and well-being.


Green: a protected and enhanced environment

The “green” theme is about enhancing the environment and reducing or eliminating negative impacts from the transportation system, such as greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, noise, water quality impacts, and habitat degradation or destruction.


Prosperous: a thriving, sustainable economy

The “prosperous” theme is about providing for the convenient, efficient, cost-effective, and reliable movement of people, services, and goods for customers, employees, and businesses.


Connected Community: integrated and well-designed places

The “connected” theme is about integrating transportation with land use to create well-designed places and complete communities.

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The website will be updated on an ongoing basis to provide you with the most current information and resources related to the Plan update. Please check back regularly.