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Burnaby Transportation Plan Update

Our city’s Transportation Plan is 25 years old! So much has changed since 1995! We are working with the community to build a new plan that responds to how we live today and how we want to live in the future as the city grows.

Transportation is an essential part of everyday life. Decisions we make about transportation affect how we build our city, and how it works over the long term. We can build the city in a way that meets our goals in a variety of areas, including social connection, safety and environmental sustainability.

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Transportation Plan Process 

Completed! Phase 1: Setting a Direction
We worked with the community to lay the groundwork, establishing the Vision, Themes and Goals that will drive the plan. Read more »   

In Progress! Phase 2: Building the Proposals
That’s what we’re doing this spring. This is where we decide the Big Moves, set targets, and establish the policies and networks needed. We’ll be reaching out to the community in a number of different ways to seek input and ideas. We’ll have more to share soon. Read more »

Future! Phase 3: Developing the Plan
This is when we’ll outline the specific actions and how we will get it done.

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