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Community Benefit Bonus Policy

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Burnaby’s Community Benefit Bonus Policy, established in 1997, provides the City with important community benefits, such as parks and public gathering places, civic facilities, non-profit office spaces, affordable housing, cultural facilities, child care centres, and public realm and environmental enhancements. These benefits contribute to the quality of life and general livability of our city. In addition, funds (cash contributions-in-lieu) have been set aside for the future provision of community amenities and affordable and/or special needs housing.

The City’s density bonusing approach enables the City to provide community benefits by permitting additional residential densities within our Town Centres. In doing so, the Policy plays a key role in serving our growing communities. As the City’s population increases, additional amenities will be necessary to maintain and enhance the livability of the City. The Community Benefit Bonus Policy is one of the mechanisms available to the City to help finance and achieve those community benefits that maintain and increase our quality of life.

What is the Community Benefit Bonus Policy?

The Community Benefit Bonus Policy enables the City to consider development applications and approve additional density in exchange for contributing a ‘community benefit’.

The policy is governed by the British Columbia Local Government Act and is defined and implemented by Section 6.22 (pages 21-23) of the Burnaby Zoning Bylaw and other provisions within it that allow for density bonusing.

The Policy is applicable to sites that are zoned for multi-family residential use (RM1, RM2, RM3, RM4, and RM5) and meet the following conditions:

  1. The lot must be located in a Town Centre area and be approved for density bonus within the adopted Community Plan.
  2. The lot must be re-zoned to Comprehensive Development (CD) District.
  3. The comprehensive development plan for the lot must include the conservation or provision of a community benefit(s) equivalent in value to the increase in the value of the site attributed to the increase in density.

What is a Community Benefit?

Burnaby’s Community Benefit Bonus Policy defines a Community Benefit as one or more of the following: