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Town Centre Standards

Welcome to Our Town Centres!

You may have noticed gracious wide sidewalks, striking public art, colourful rain gardens, comfortable seating areas and more appearing around Burnaby’s four Town Centres. The result of our Town Centre Standards, these kinds of improvements will be increasingly common as new development is completed in the Brentwood, Edmonds, Lougheed and Metrotown Town Centres. To help you understand more about these features we have provided a series of links to the right and background information on the Town Centre Standards and how they are adding to the liveability and sustainability of our neighbourhoods and streets.

Art WalkLightingTextingAntlerRain GardenBikeTCS Cross Section3m Sidewalk

Creating Centres In Our Town

The origin of Design Standards for the Town Centres was Council’s adoption of the Supplementary Community Benefit Bonus Density Policy on November 1, 2010. This policy calls for additional community amenities to support and service residents and businesses within the Town Centres with the goal of enhancing the liveability of the City and its Town Centres. The Town Centre public realm design standards arise from that direction.

The guiding principles were provided by the Official Community Plan (OCP), Transportation Plan, Town Centre Area PlansBurnaby Beautification Strategy and the Economic Development Strategy (EDS), Social Sustainability Strategy (SSS), Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP) and Environmental Sustainability Strategy (ESS) and led to the following vision for the public realm in the Town Centres:

  • Improve safety, access, environment, aesthetics for all
  • Environmentally, socially and economically sustainable
  • Establish priorities and use design standards
  • Enjoyable and safe for key users and others
  • All ages and abilities

What Are Design Standards?

The Town Centre Standards are used by the City of Burnaby as design standards to provide clear and concise technical requirements, policies and processes to enable design professionals to prepare plans and reports necessary for development of both public and private projects within the city. These standards have been developed specifically for complex streetscapes in the four Town Centres and a few specific streets outside of the Town Centres to integrate pedestrian, cyclist, transit and driving networks with the sustainable storm water, urban forestry, street lighting, public art and place making functions of accessible, complete and resilient streets.


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