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Dike Upgrade at Fraser Foreshore Park

We are safeguarding the public, businesses and infrastructure by continuing to upgrade our diking system to 1:200 year water-level standard. Work is underway on a 900-metre section of the Fraser River Dike in Fraser Foreshore Park. This section, known as Reach 8, extends from Glenlyon Creek to Byrne Creek, on the south side of Glenlyon Parkway. 

This is the last major section of dike to be upgraded along Burnaby’s 7-kilometre Fraser River frontage.

Impacts & Benefits

As much as possible, pedestrian access to trails will be maintained throughout construction. However, there may be times when trails must be closed to ensure public safety.

As part of this project, approximately 33 trees will need to be removed as well as some shrubs and hedges. We have strived to retain as many trees as possible, including making adjustments to the alignment of the dike. The 33 trees will be replaced with 190 new trees and 1,570 shrubs within the project boundaries. The project will also include salmon habitat enhancement.

At the end of this project, this section of dike and other unpaved sections will be paved, resulting in a 4-km paved path from Boundary Road in the west to the eastern end of Fraser Park Drive. This will be a wonderful amenity for residents to enjoy.  

The project budget is $6M project and is scheduled for completion at the end of 2020.

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