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About Burnaby

This page has information about Burnaby including: awards; climate; coats or arms and city symbols; green Burnaby; history; population and quick stats; quick facts; recent media, news, photos, and videos; information on getting around; community links; strategic directions; education; and sister and friendship cities.

Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC

B.C. Stats

British Columbia Institute of Property Inspectors

Building Designers Institute of British Columbia

Burnaby Board of Trade

The Burnaby Board of Trade (BBOT) is Burnaby’s pre-eminent business association.

Burnaby Cluster Analysis (2004)

An analysis of industrial clusters in Burnaby.

Burnaby "Community Facts" Sheet (produced by BC Stats)

This document includes population, age distribution, other select Stats Can data, Labour Force by Industry, business locations (# firms by employment size range), municipal residential taxes/charges, value of building permits, personal taxation, dependency on the safety net, and business formation/failures.

Burnaby Corporate Strategic Plan

This document City's vision, core values, and goals.

Burnaby/Metro Vancouver Demographic Tables (2006 Census)

Comparisons of key demographics for Burnaby and the region of Metro Vancouver using 2006 Census data, including: population, age, gender, diversity, home language, education, housing, families, income, and labour force.

Burnaby’s Economy – Historic Data (1971-2001, 1991-2001 and 1991-2006)

Historic data on Burnaby's economy – population, labour force, employment, changes in employment type, changes in occupations, place of residence of Burnaby employees, industries within Burnaby that have a regional competitive advantage, distribution of occupations and industries, development cost charges and tax rates can all be found starting on page 2 of the following document.
Burnaby EDS 2020 - Chapter on "Advancing from a Position of Strength"

Burnaby Industrial Sector Profiles (as of 2007)

A sector profile is provided for each of the 11 industrial sectors identified within Burnaby.  Each sector profile contains a sector fact sheet, sector definition, sector overview, Burnaby information, trends, opportunities and a sector specific action plan. See Sectors S1 through S11 in the following document.
Burnaby EDS 2020

Burnaby Social and Demographic Trends (1981-2006)

The information in this report provides an overview of important social and demographic trends and establishes a baseline for monitoring changes in the future.

Over the last 25 years, Burnaby has witnessed significant changes in its demographic profile. It has become a much more urban and culturally diverse community. This report paints a statistical picture of those changes using Statistics Canada Census data from 1981 to 2006. Information is provided on population size, age structure, families and households, cultural diversity, labour force, education and income. To add perspective to Burnaby’s current profile, 2006 Census information is also included for the neighbouring communities of Vancouver, New Westminster, the Tri-Cities (Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam combined), Richmond, and the North Shore (City and District of North Vancouver and West Vancouver combined). Information for Metro Vancouver as a whole is included as well.

Burnaby Trend Analysis (2004)

Burnaby’s Economy in 2013: An Analysis of Trends

Burnaby "Quick Facts" (2006, 2007)



BizPaL is a web-based service that allows business clients to easily generate a customized list of the permits and licences they require from three levels of government - local, provincial and federal - by answering some simple, generic questions about the business.

This service is the result of strong collaboration between the Government of Canada and participating provincial/territorial, regional, and municipal governments.

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Metro Vancouver / Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) 

  • Metrotown Regional Centre Profile 
  • Metro Vancouver Economic Data 
    Data and graphs showing trends for building permits; housing starts; immigration; labour force and employment; net migration; population, housing and employment; transit system boardings; and housing costs.
  • Metro Vancouver Data and Statistics 
    Annual regional planning data (development activity, housing, population and employment statistics and trends), monthly regional planning data (monthly summaries of regional economic, development and transportation statistics), Housing Data Book, and Census Bulletins. 

Statistics Canada

Tourism Burnaby

Tourism Burnaby is a leading, sector-focused destination marketing and resource organization that develops, promotes and assists in the city’s tourism growth through innovative community, regional and partner programs.

More Economic Sustainability

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  • Quick Stats

    Quick StatsQuick StatsKey facts and figures on Burnaby.


  • Business Profile

    Business ProfileBusiness ProfileA strong and diverse local economy.
  • Places To Do Business

    Places To Do BusinessPlaces To Do BusinessLocations to fit every business need.
  • Burnaby Visitor's Guide

    Burnaby Visitors Guidebutton-moreBurnaby map and visitor information.

  • Community Plans

    Community PlansCommunity PlansBurnaby’s adopted land use plans.