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Japanese Beetles

The City of Burnaby is working with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to help control the spread of Japanese Beetles. Green waste originating from the Japanese beetle regulated area in Vancouver must be disposed at the temporary transfer station at W 1st and Wylie Ave. 

Regulated material cannot be brought to the Burnaby Eco-Centre between June 15 and October 15, when the beetle is flying. Drivers will be asked to provide photo ID for proof of residency. Any green waste loads from residents within the Regulated Area will be not be accepted. View map of regulated area »

If you have seen the Japanese Beetles in Burnaby, you can report what you have found to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency at 604-292-5742 or via their online form. Learn more about these invasive insects »

Our community and economy are founded and maintained in a healthy environment. With our goal to keep Burnaby a great place to live, work and play, we must focus on clean and sustainable practices that keep our environment strong.

Sustainable living is everyone's responsibility. Government, residents, business and visitors can all contribute. Burnaby is proud to take part in the Livable Action Plan, and committed to programs and initiatives that hold environment as a main priority.

Green Initiatives

Water Conservation image

Water Conservation

These programs and regulations help save water around the home
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Let it Grow Naturally - Logo

Let It Grow Naturally

Grow your garden the healthy way: pesticide and herbicide-free
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Burnaby Garbage Truck

Garbage & Recycling

Food Scraps and Recycling programs aim to reduce Burnaby's waste
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Public Education

Environmental - Invasive Species - English Ivy

Invasive Species

Why you should get these plants out of your garden
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West Nile Virus - Mosquito

West Nile Virus

Find out how we are preparing for this virus in B.C.
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European Chafer - Adults

European Chafer

Learn about this pest and keep it off your lawn
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Policies & Regulations

Enviromental Planning image2

Environmental Planning

To protect and enhance Burnaby's diverse ecosystems and the health of our environment, the City has implemented a comprehensive framework of policies and regulations. 
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Working Around a Waterway - Beecher

Land Development

Guidelines for erosion & sediment control, encroachment requirements and your development application
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Watering Restrictions - Gardener

Watering Restrictions

Conserve water in the hot summer months with these guidelines
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  • Environmental Sustainability Strategy

    Environmental Sustainability StrategyMoreA city-wide policy and long term vision for Burnaby's green future.
  • Burnaby's Green Team

    Learn about Burnaby's Green Team's goals and initiatives. MoreLearn about 
    Burnaby's Green Team's goals and initiatives.
  • Air Quality

    Air QualityMoreGet information about air quality in Metro Vancouver or report a concern.
  • Drive Smart

    Drivesmart - LogoMore Learn about the DriveSmart program.
  • Watersheds

    WatershedsMoreHow you and the City protect Burnaby waterways.