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Environmental Policies and Regulations

Environmental Sustainability Strategy (ESS)The City of Burnaby has implemented a comprehensive framework of policies and regulations to protect and enhance the diverse ecosystems within the City and the health of our environment. These policies and regulations meet or exceed regional, provincial and federal regulations and strategic directions, and have established Burnaby as a leader in many policy areas.

Environmental Policy

At the broadest level, the Official Community Plan sets the overall vision for the City, and includes an Environment Section as well as an Environmental Policy Framework and an Environmental Regulatory Framework

The City has developed an Environmental Sustainability Strategy. This strategy complements the recently completed Social Sustainability Strategy and the award-winning Economic Development Strategy, both of which recognize the importance of our environment for healthy communities and a strong economy. The Environmental Sustainability Strategy, an integrated vision for overall sustainability will be in place to help guide the city’s future.

Areas of Focus

Environmental Policies and Regulations cover three focal areas:

  1. Parks and Conservation Areas
  2. Community Development and Ecosystem Protection
  3. Urban Forest and Vegetation Management

Specific initiatives and programs implemented as a result of these policies include the following:


Regional and Provincial Regulations and Policies

  • Environmental Planning

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  • Environmental Sustainability Strategy

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