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Environmental Policies and Regulations

The City of Burnaby has implemented a comprehensive framework of policies and regulations to protect and enhance the diverse ecosystems within the City and the health of our environment. These policies and regulations complement provincial and federal regulations.

Environmental Policy

The City's Environmental Sustainability Strategy. complements the Social Sustainability Strategy and Economic Development Strategy, which together form an integrated vision for sustainability to guide the city's future.

The Official Community Plan also includes an Environment Section.

  1. In addition to the broad sustainability framework outlined in the Environmental Sustainability Strategy, the City's policies for protection of the natural environment include the following: Parks and Conservation Areas
  2. Community Development and Ecosystem Protection
  3. Urban Forest and Vegetation Management

Specific initiatives and programs implemented as a result of these policies include the following:

  • Environmental Planning

    MoreSee how Burnaby protects and enhances our environment.
  • Environmental Sustainability Strategy

    Environmental Sustainability StrategyMoreA city-wide policy and long term vision for Burnaby's green future.
  • Waterways Map

    Waterways MapMoreLearn the historic names of waterways in Burnaby.