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Community Development and Ecosystem Protection

The City of Burnaby considers provisions that protect our ecosystems and advances these in all major land use planning and development initiatives.


Burnaby recognizes the importance of environmentally sensitive areas and maintaining intact natural ecosystems; these values are reflected in various policies and initiatives. Key documents include the completion and Council approval of the State of the Environment Report in 1994 and the Environmentally Sensitive Areas Strategy in 1995. The full ESA report can be found here (17MB file). These initiatives set the direction for many of the City’s subsequent achievements in environmental protection and enhancement, including acquisition and dedication of several major Parks and Conservation Areas and the establishment of the Tree Bylaw.  Currently, development within or in close proximity to environmentally sensitive areas are subject to the City’s Environmental Review Committee process.   

Read on for information on the policies and regulations relating to development and ecosystem protection in Burnaby.

Strategic Planning for Ecosystem Protection

Development Planning and Review

Construction Impacts Mitigation

Other Resources

Provincial and Federal Regulations for Developing Around Watercourses
Note: this information is provided for convenience only; it is the responsibility of all land owners and project proponents to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.

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