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Minor Work Permit and Agreement Requirements

Fees and Process for Applications

Application fees are $308 (no GST, non-refundable) payable in the Engineering Department, 4th Floor, City Hall.

The Minor Work Permit and Agreement is required when any individual or firm wishes to do work in or abutting a street, boulevard, alley, sidewalk, park, terrace, or other property controlled or owned by the City (including right-of-ways).

The Minor Work Permit and Agreement Application Form is to be completed if the work projects include geotechnical or environmental investigation on City land, installations, repairs, maintenance and investigation of a test pit, monitoring well, borehole, vacuum-hole, minor excavation or any other non-intrusive work on City property.

A complete application package should include (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Cover Page including detailed contact information and project scope
  • Signed and dated Minor Work Permit and Agreement Application Form
    • Standard Work form
    • Work within proximity to sensitive utilities (e.g. fuel lines, large sewer mains, high-voltage lines and high pressure gas lines) form
  •  Test Hole Location Plan (see example)
  • Traffic Control Permit number (if applicable)
    • If the work requires a Traffic Control Permit, please apply directly to the Traffic Department and provide the permit number within the Minor Works Permit application package. 
  • Other (as requested by Environmental Services Division)

Decommissioning Requirements:

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