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Posted August 24, 2019

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Minor Work Permit and Agreement Requirements

New Fees and Process for Applications

Effective October 17, 2018, applications for investigative work on City owned property have been separated into the following permit types: Encroachment Permit, Standard Street Works Permit and Minor Work Permit and Agreement. For Minor Work Permit and Agreements (formerly known as the Encroachment Permit), information on application requirements and the submission process is outlined below.

Application fees are now $308 (no GST, non-refundable) payable in the Engineering Department, 4th Floor, City Hall.

The Minor Work Permit and Agreement (formerly known as the Encroachment Permit) is required when any individual or firm wishes to do work in or abutting a street, boulevard, alley, sidewalk, park, terrace, or other property controlled or owned by the City (including right-of-ways).

The Minor Work Permit and Agreement Application Form is to be completed if the work projects include geotechnical or environmental investigation on City land, installations, repairs, maintenance and investigation of a test pit, monitoring well, borehole, vacuum-hole, minor excavation or any other non-intrusive work on City property.

A complete application package should include (but is not limited to) the following:

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