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Environmental Sustainability Strategy

 Mayor Corrigan - ESS

“For the Environmental Sustainability Strategy, Burnaby Council is using a similar model to the recently completed Social Sustainability Strategy – bringing together community leaders on a panel that will engage the broader community.

Together with Council and staff, they will develop a strategy that will set directions for continued environmental protection, stewardship, enhancement, and resiliency. I look forward to working with the Steering Committee and the broader community to define how the city can evolve and continue to build on its environmental strengths.”

- Mayor Derek Corrigan, Chair Environmental Sustainability Strategy


The Process is Well Underway

ESS Logo

The City of Burnaby is committed to ensuring Burnaby continues to be a vibrant and resilient community, built on a solid base of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

With the successful completion of both the Social Sustainability Strategy and the award-winning Economic Development Strategy, the City is now developing an Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

Burnaby is already recognized as an environmental leader.  The process to develop the new Environmental Strategy will bring together hundreds of Burnaby citizens to sharpen and refine our environmental focus in a way that reflects needs and expectations of Burnaby citizens. The Strategy will articulate a vision, goals and achievable actions that recognize current challenges and opportunities, while providing the flexibility to adapt to changing needs and opportunities.

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