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Implementation: Putting the ESS and CEEP into Action

Latest News

  • Council declares climate emergency and bold emissions reduction targets aligned with the IPCC. Read more » 
  • Council approves new requirements for Energy Step Code in Part 9 buildings, to come into effect September 1, 2019. Read more »
  • Council approves green building policy for large buildings, including energy step code. Learn more »

The City’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy (ESS) and Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP), approved in 2016, are being put into action! As outline in this report implementation will occur in phases, focusing first on the “Big Move Strategies”. Phase 1 consists of three key policies:

  • Green Building Policy
  • Electric Vehicle Policy
  • Corporate Sustainability

Other strategies and actions will also continue to be pursued as opportunities arise.

Progress Reports

Annual reporting on progress on the ESS and CEEP will begin at the end of 2018. An overview of Burnaby’s Environmental Achievements is available, and more recent initiatives are included in the 2017 Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program Report.

Current Initiatives

EV Policy

Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy

Transportation accounts for half of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Burnaby - mostly from passenger vehicles. The transition from fossil fuel to electricity for passenger vehicles has the potential to greatly reduce those overall GHG emissions.

Learn more about Electric Vehicles in Burnaby »

Green Building Policy

Green Building Policy

Heating and cooling buildings accounts for nearly half (45%) of Burnaby’s GHG emissions. Making buildings more energy efficient and using low-carbon fuels can improve comfort, reduce energy costs, and reduce GHG emissions.

The City recently approved policy for new large (Part 3) buildings for provincial Energy Step Code and low carbon energy, and development of policy for new smaller (Part 9) buildings is in progress.

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