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Electric Vehicles in Burnaby

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Burnaby to install EV charging in City facilities in 2019 pilot project. Read more »

Electric Vehicle charging

EV Policy in Burnaby

Burnaby’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy (ESS) and Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP) support healthy and sustainable transportation choices. Electric vehicles (EVs) can play a part by reducing community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and local air pollution and noise, and can foster green economic development. They also cost less to operate, and are fun to drive.

Burnaby’s EV Policy focuses on the following areas:

New Residential Development – EV Charging Requirements

For EV owners, charging at home is convenient and reliable, and new homes can be equipped with EV charging for a relatively modest cost. To support EV charging at home, Council approved bylaw requirements to make all new residential parking spaces EV-ready, by providing an energized outlet for Level 2 charging, including in single-family homes and multi-family buildings of all sizes. Read the Council Report recommending these changes.

The City is undertaking a pilot project, beginning in 2019, to install public EV charging, initially at select City facilities, and a later phase focusing on street-side locations in commercial areas. Feedback and findings from this project will be used to gain experience and inform a broader public EV charging program in the future. Read more in this Council Report


Other Policy Topics

The City is also reviewing options for EV charging requirements for new commercial and institutional development, and exploring the use of electric vehicles in municipal fleets. Updates will be posted on this page when available.

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