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Questionnaire – Part 9 Energy Step Code


Burnaby is implementing improved energy efficiency requirements, including the BC Energy Step Code, which is supported by the City’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy and Community Energy and Emissions Plan. In November 2018 Council approved new requirements for larger (Part 3) buildings. Read more at

Now, the city is consulting on a proposed approach for smaller (Part 9) residential buildings, and we want to hear from you by May 24, 2019. This questionnaire should take between 15 and 25 minutes to complete.

Please read the following information before completing the questionnaire:

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About You

To answer questions in this section, the definition of Part 9 is: Residential Part 9 buildings have residential occupancies, are 3 storeys or less in height and have a building area not exceeding 600m²; for example, single and two-family dwellings, rowhouses, townhouses and apartments.

Which of the following best describes you
If you work in the home building industry, have you previously worked on a new Part 9 home project in the City of Burnaby?
Please tell us which of the following new Part 9 building projects you have worked on. Check all that apply.