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Policies and Background Reports

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ESS Public Consultation

The process used to create the ESS engaged over 2,500 people and collected over 8,000 ideas. The process was extensive, inclusive and creative and involved the public, community stewardship groups, experts in various fields, businesses, and others. The response was overwhelmingly positive, setting a solid foundation of community support that will help to ensure the future success of the ESS.

Adopted Policies

Council Reports

The Overview Report (2011 November 7)

The overview report provides an introduction of three related initiatives – the Burnaby Environmental Sustainability Strategy (ESS); the Burnaby Community Emissions and Energy Plan (CEEP); and the Metrotown District Energy (Pre-Feasibility) Study (MDES).

By linking all three – a city-wide policy review (the ESS); a city-wide strategic initiative (the CEEP), with an applied, localized study (the MDES) – the hopes to provide a well grounded approach that excites and engages, the public, the ESS Steering Committee, and the development community.

The Environmental Sustainability Strategy (ESS) Report (2011 November 7)

The ESS report provides more detail on the ESS, including the purpose and scope of the project, the ‘community dialogue’ approach to be used, an updated process diagram, the Steering Committee Terms of Reference, and a description of project roles and responsibilities.

The Environmental Sustainability Strategy (ESS) - Steering Committee Terms of Reference (2011 November 7)

The Steering Committee terms of reference provides information, including the role of the Steering Committee (mandate, governance structure, chair, composition) and a list of possible issues or topics to be considered, and more.

The Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP) Report (2011 November 7)

The CEEP report provides information on some of the many progressive corporate actions that city has already taken and major activities that will be completed as part of the CEEP.

The Metrotown District Energy (Pre-Feasibility) Study (MDES) Report (2011 November 7)

The MDES report provides some general information on district energy systems and some detail on the Metrotown pre-feasibility study in particular.

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