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Burnaby Streamkeepers Program

The City of Burnaby supports environmental stewardship groups that help protect and restore Burnaby’s many Waterways and Watersheds throughout the City. These groups and their dedicated volunteers play an important role in monitoring, enhancing and speaking on behalf of Burnaby‘s watercourses and streamside riparian areas. City staff work closely with streamkeeper groups on a number of initiatives, events and activities.


Active streamkeeper and watershed stewardship groups in Burnaby include:

Additional Streamkeeper resources:


To report a spill, dumping or environmental emergency, contact the Engineering Department at 604-294-7982 or visit the City's Environmental Emergency Response page for more information.

To assist in identifying your Burnaby watershed or help find a streamkeepers group near you, contact the Planning Department at or 604-294-7400.

The City of Burnaby has a broad range of Environmental Programs and Initiatives. Click the link to find out more.


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