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Holdom Overpass Project

Holdom Overpass Rendering

Image: Holdom Overpass 2024 Digital Rendering 

Phase One: Public Engagement

The port authority is inviting those who live, work and play in Burnaby to share their feedback on the proposed Holdom Overpass.

During this “listen and learn” phase, the port authority wants to understand your concerns and priorities, develop a set of guiding principles, gather ideas for public space improvements and learn how you travel through the area.

In support of the federal government’s guidance to practice social distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the first phase of engagement will be hosted entirely remotely.


The proposed Holdom Overpass is part of the Burnaby Rail Corridor Improvements Project – a series of road and rail improvements that will improve the flow of trains between Burnaby and port terminals in North Vancouver, and will improve safety and community access by creating more reliable travel times and better emergency response options.

The new overpass aligns with the City of Burnaby’s transportation plans. In partnership with the City of Burnaby, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (port authority) is leading the following transportation improvements:

  • A four-lane overpass, elevating and extending Holdom Avenue south over the rail corridor and Still Creek and connecting with Douglas Road at Norland Avenue
  • Closure of the existing Douglas Road rail crossing to vehicles (in 2024)

Construction of the project is planned to begin in 2022, subject to approval by Burnaby City Council. Prior to this time the port authority will conduct extensive public consultation that will include reports back to the community and to Burnaby City Council.