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Laurel Street Works Yard Project

Laurel Street Works Yard

To ensure effective and efficient delivery of public works and infrastructure services as our city grows, we are currently replacing the aging works yard facility at 5780 Laurel Street. Laurel Street Works Yard has been at this location since 1954 and has reached the end of its useful life. The project follows on the heels of the redevelopment of the Still Creek Works Yard in 2014.

Summer 2019: What to Expect

Construction of the Yard Building is now complete. We have landscaped the lane north of Hardwick Street with trees, shrubs and other green plantings. The exposed irrigation system in this area is temporary, to allow the landscaping to become established, and will be removed later this year. A few of the trees that died during the transplanting will be replaced in the fall, which will ensure a better chance of success than if they were replanted now.

The green roof on the Yard Building has also been planted with drought-tolerant grasses, sedums and perennials. The barbed-wire fence along the lane has been removed. 

City of Burnaby operations and staff vehicles have been moved to our temporary yard on Ledger Avenue for the duration of the project. In June, we demolished old buildings such as the crew muster building. In July, demolition of Central Stores and the former Sign Shop will be completed as well as disconnection of temporary construction power lines. We expect to begin construction of the Main Building late this summer.

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The new Laurel Street facility will include space for the following operations:

  • Public works operations (road, water and drainage);
  • Central stores (warehousing for stock materials and parts);
  • Welding, paint and carpentry shops;
  • Fleet storage and repairs;
  • Offices (Engineering and Emergency Operations Centre); and,
  • Data centre 

Construction is in two phases, beginning with construction of the Yard Building. This building will house salt and sand storage as well as wash bays for vehicles. Construction of the Main Building is from summer 2019 until expected completion in fall 2022. Total project cost is estimated at $76 million.


We first introduced plans to replace the Laurel Street Works Yard at a neighbourhood Open House in September 2017. After the Open House, staff worked to refine the design of the new works yard to improve its relation to the surrounding neighbourhood. A second open house April 10, 2019 provided updated plans in advance of construction of the Main Building. 

Still Creek Works Yard

Redevelopment of the Still Creek Works Yard completed in 2014. Several high-traffic operations moved from the Laurel Street site to the new facility, such as:

  • Sanitation;
  • Traffic Enforcement;
  • Traffic Meters;
  • Roads Marking and Signs; and,
  • Parks Operation Centre (i.e. parks maintenance, grass cutting)


  • Public Works

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