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Mayor's Task Force on Community Housing

The Mayor's Task Force on Community Housing was created to develop recommendations to address our housing issues over the longer term… and to deliver some near-term solutions to help those affected by new development construction. 

The work of the task force will be grounded in needs identified by residents – residents in all stages of life and at all levels of income and ability.  It will consider that families take many forms – from young people just entering the workforce to older residents who may require less space and more care, to working people who are struggling to make ends meet. As we work to develop a made-in Burnaby affordable housing strategy, the City and the task force will look to the people of Burnaby for guidance and to shape all recommendations.

To ensure transparency and open dialogue, the City of Burnaby is partnering with Simon Fraser University’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue to serve as a third-party facilitator for the Mayor’s Task Force and to design the City’s resident engagement strategy. Strategy development will focus on enabling creativity and ensuring there are meaningful opportunities to wrestle with difficult tradeoffs.  It will also ensure that citizens play an integral role in the decision-making process. Special effort will be made to reach residents in all areas, connect with less-heard voices and remove any barriers to participation.

It will be a strategy that puts the people of Burnaby’s needs first.

Council Report: Terms of Reference
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