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New Sidewalks for 2021

In consultation conducted for Burnaby’s Transportation Plan and Environmental and Social Sustainability strategies, Burnaby residents asked for more sidewalks and improved sidewalk accessibility. In response, Burnaby is constructing dozens of new sidewalks that enable more walking and improve access for people who use wheelchairs, scooters or strollers. Sidewalks connect our community, facilitate health and fitness and increase opportunities for non-automobile travel, reducing the vehicle emissions that contribute to climate change.

Construction Plans for 2021

For 2021, Burnaby plans to construct more than 30 new sidewalks in areas throughout the city. The streets for which sidewalk construction is currently planned are highlighted on the New Sidewalks for Burnaby Map

This map features current construction plans for all streets that will receive a new sidewalk in 2021. To access information about construction plans for these streets, click on a highlighted street on the map. Information on this map will be updated throughout the design and construction process.

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How Were these Streets Chosen?

Priority for sidewalk construction is given to streets close to schools, parks, community centres and transit facilities, and those that already have curbs. Each of these streets meets one or more of those criteria.

Sidewalk Design

The standard sidewalk will be built with a boulevard space between the sidewalk and curb. In order to save existing trees or if the street is steep or has limited space, some sidewalks will meander or be placed directly against the curb.

Each street receiving a new sidewalk will have a specific plan developed. The City will share these plans for feedback with residents who have adjacent properties.

Did You Know?

  • New sidewalks will be funded by the City’s existing Capital Reserves.
  • When construction requires removal of a tree, at least one replacement tree is planted in an appropriate location. The number of replacement trees planted depends upon the size and species of the tree removed.
  • Construction of sidewalks provides opportunities to create new areas of green space and vegetation, helping to meet the City’s commitment to address climate change and to support a healthy and livable community.
  • Approximately 25 per cent of Burnaby is designated parks and open space.


If you have questions about new sidewalks planned for 2021, view the New Sidewalks for Burnaby Map or email or call 604-294-7959.

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Because sidewalks increase opportunities for non-automobile travel – reducing the vehicle emissions that contribute to climate change – this project helps meet the City’s commitment to become carbon-neutral by 2020. Burnaby’s plan to “accelerate pedestrian infrastructure improvements” is highlighted as a “quick start” in the framework that will guide work on the City’s Climate Action Plan.