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The City of Burnaby sponsors a range of projects that enhance individual and community well-being.

Project Directory

Below are examples of socially-oriented projects the City is currently, regularly, or has recently been involved in:

Social Sustainability Strategy Wins "Inclusion Through Innovation" Award

Burnaby's Social Sustainability Strategy also received a 2012 "Inclusion Through Innovation" Award from the Sharing Our Future Foundation.  The award, conferred in Burnaby on February 21, 2013, recognizes individuals and organizations who have used social innovation strategies to advance the inclusion of people of all abilities in Metro Vancouver.  It also recognizes that more accessible and inclusive communities enhance the lives of everyone in the community.

  • Social Sustainability Strategy: 2015 Progress Report

    Social Sustainability StrategyMoreRead the Progress Report on Actions adopted by Council in September 2015.
  • Environmental Sustainability Strategy

    Environmental Sustainability StrategyMoreA city-wide policy and long term vision for Burnaby's green future.