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Burnaby Lake Aquatic & Arena Facility

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The City of Burnaby plans to replace the aging CG Brown Pool and Burnaby Lake Arena facilities with new aquatic and multi-sport arena facilities on the same site within the Burnaby Lake Sports Complex. The goal is to design the best-possible facility to meet the community’s needs today and into the future.

Public survey and needs assessment now complete

The public survey is now closed. In June and early July, we reached more than 1200 people through a survey asking what people would like to see in this new facility. Through an open house and direct engagement by City staff at local events like Canada Day and Hats Off Day, we also received input from a significant number of residents from across the City. 

This input was extremely valuable, and will help us refine the vision, and develop the program for the new Burnaby Lake Aquatic & Arena facility. 

What's Next?

This fall, the community will have an opportunity to review the proposed program and preliminary facility designs and provide additional input to help shape the project.

Stay Connected

Throughout this process, we welcome your thoughts and comments online or by email at civicprojects@burnaby.ca


Designed and built in the early 1960s, CG Brown Memorial Pool and Burnaby Lake Arena have reached the end of their useful life. They no longer meet today’s public expectations for civic amenities.
The project development, feasibility and design work for the new facility is expected to take approximately 18 months, taking us through 2020. The project budget is being developed during this phase.
Construction is expected to begin in 2021, with completion in 2024.