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Community Housing

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Community housing is an issue that affects us all. Whether you're a young person entering the workforce, a student living with roommates, a young family trying to buy your first home, a senior seeking space in a retirement home, or someone living in shelter after losing their job, housing is one of Burnaby’s most urgent challenges.

Work is underway on HOME: Burnaby’s Housing + Homelessness Strategy (the HOME Strategy), a comprehensive policy document that addresses challenges and opportunities across the entire housing system, including reducing homelessness. Based on the recommendations of the Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing, and the recently completed Burnaby Housing Needs Report, the HOME Strategy will identify specific actions the City can take to improve housing security for the entire community, and guide City decisions on housing for the next 10 years. 

The Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing was formed in January 2019 to explore strategies for improving housing affordability. Through Phases 1 and 2 of the Your Voice. Your Home. process, the Task Force engaged over 2,600 residents and stakeholders to identify issues and consider ways to improve housing affordability. In July 2020, this process added three new phases to develop HOME: Burnaby’s Housing + Homelessness Strategy.

Mayor's Task Force on Community Housing

Complete! Phases 1 & 2: Generating Ideas, Trade Offs and Solutions

One-Year Progress Report (October 5, 2020)

The One-Year Progress Report summarizes the progress and achievements made in the first year of implementing the Task Force “quick starts” and recommendations. This report was received by Council on October 5, 2020 and was shared with the Task Force members for their information. 

Resident Reconvening Workshop (February 11, 2021)

The process used to engage the community and stakeholders through Your Voice. Your Home. and Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing was transformative in how the City works with members of the public to shape policy. 

To maintain the City’s valuable connection with the community, we re-invited 13 participants from the May 2019 Community Recommendations Workshop to reconvene at SFU’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue to provide their feedback and input on the progress made to date on the Key Themes and Additional Findings from the Community Recommendations Report.

The update on our City's progress and the resident's feedback and input are available below:

HOME: Burnaby's Housing and Homelessness Strategy

HOME phases diagram

Complete! Phase 3: Identifying Needs, Goals and Strategies 

We Are Here! Phase 4: Strategy Development

The Housing Needs Report is now complete and was received by Council on February 22, 2021. The housing needs and gaps identified in this report will be addressed in the final HOME strategy.  

The report gathered feedback on Burnaby’s present and future housing needs, and the gaps the city must fill to create a sustainable, equitable, housing for all Burnaby residents. The feedback gathered in this phase will strengthen the final HOME strategy with the insights of all Burnaby residents who made their voices heard in our consultation period.

On April 16, 2019, the province amended the Local Government Act to require all local governments to develop a Housing Needs Report by April 2022. Learn more »

The draft version of HOME: Burnaby's Housing and Homelessness Strategy is nearing completion and will be forwarded to Committee and Council for review. 

Phase 5: Strategy Review

In the last phase, stakeholders, the public, and a reconvened Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing will review the draft HOME Strategy before it is finalized.  

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The development of HOME: Burnaby’s Housing and Homelessness Strategy supports significant actions in This is Climate Action, a framework developed to guide how the City will put into action its commitment to be “carbon neutral” (no longer contributing to the carbon emissions that accelerate climate change) by 2050. As the City of Burnaby strives to become carbon neutral, HOME: Burnaby’s Housing and Homelessness Strategy will play a key role in helping us reach our climate goals and build a cleaner future. This strategy will support a number of Big Moves and quick start actions from Burnaby’s Climate Action Framework, including Big Move 2: Resilient Neighbourhoods, Big Move 6: Zero-Emission Buildings, and Big Move 7: Zero-Emission Building Retrofits.