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Community Housing

Your Voice. Your Home. Meeting the Housing Needs of Burnaby Residents

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10 Quick Starts Identified 

The Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing has presented its Interim Report, which includes 10 "Quick Start" recommendations aimed at improving housing affordability and accessibility.

These action-oriented items reflect the input and ideas from residents, experts, task force members and City staff gathered throughout phase one of the process. Releasing these Quick Starts at the halfway mark of the task force process is intended to be an early response to the sense of urgency that residents have been seeking around this important issue. This is on track to be the largest public engagement in the City of Burnaby’s history. 

Phase Two involved evaluating the different recommendations and their respective trade-offs. Thank you to everyone who shared their input on the 10 Quick Starts recommended by the Task Force by taking the Quick Starts and Trade-Offs Survey, which closed May 22, and to the 100 people who attended the all-day Community Recommendations Workshop on May 25. If you would like to see the material that was shared with the workshop participants, we encourage you to read the Discussion Guide. The Community Recommendations Report provides a detailed overview of the results and recommendations arising from this workshop.

Next Steps

  • Public input collected during phase two will continue to inform the work of the Task Force, which continues its regular meetings.
  • The Task Force will present its final report to City Council in July.

Completed Public Engagement Activities

Quick Starts and Trade-Offs Survey

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on both the 10 Quick Starts recommended by the Task Force and the trade-offs being considered by the Community Recommendations Workshop participants. About 300 people took the survey which closed on May 22.

Community Recommendations Workshop

Thank you for the tremendous interest in the Community Recommendations Workshop on May 25! Over 400 people registered, about 130 were selected and 100 attended. The 100 people who attended generated 288 recommendations of which 42 recommendations that were in the best interests of the entire community were recommended to members of the Task Force and Council. Thank you to everyone who attended! 

Housing Ideas Survey

Thank you to everyone who shared their input, experiences and recommendations in the Ideas Survey which closed March 10. More than 1,450 people took the survey and shared over 500 ideas. 

Community Ideas Workshop 

The Community Ideas Workshop on March 6 generated more than 180 great ideas. Thank you to everyone who attended for your interest and participation. 

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Community housing is an issue that affects us all. Whether you're a young person entering the workforce, a student living with roommates, a young family trying to buy your first home, a single parent at risk of eviction, or a senior seeking space in a retirement home, housing is one of Burnaby’s most urgent challenges.

Your Voice. Your Home: Meeting the Housing Needs of Burnaby Residents is an innovative public outreach and engagement initiative to address Burnaby’s current and future housing needs. It's an opportunity for community members to gather and share ideas, present recommendations and engage with one another to find workable solutions.

The Your Voice. Your Home. process provided an opportunity to share your unique experiences, ideas and recommendations with your fellow residents, the Mayor and City Council. These public engagement activities were designed to complement the Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing. Public input will also directly feed into the final Task Force recommendations presented to City Council.

Together with your participation, we look forward to meeting Burnaby's housing needs.

Your Voice Your Home Phases Diagram

Phase 1: Generating Ideas

The first phase was all about hearing from you, the community, with an opportunity to share your voice, values and experiences. Citizens participated through the Housing Ideas Survey and the Community Ideas Workshop.

Efforts were also made to connect with local housing advocacy groups. Through a series of public engagement activities, we collected as many ideas as possible from as many residents as possible.

During phase one, the What We Heard Report was published summarizing the ideas collected from Burnaby residents and stakeholders. In addition, the Task Force produced an Interim Report to City Council that identified 10 Quick Start actions to address housing affordability and accessibility. 

Phase 2: Trade Offs and Solutions

Everyone brings a particular perspective to the Community Housing discussion. Phase two was about evaluating different possible housing recommendations and their respective trade-offs.
The Interim Report from the Task Force and its 10 “Quick Starts” was the launch point for discussions during the second phase. 

Residents were encouraged to provide their feedback through the second public survey on these Quick Starts immediate actions that can be taken. People also had their say at a Community Recommendations Workshop to engage and connect on recommendations that are in the best interests of the entire community. A detailed public Discussion Guide has also been produced to support this dialogue. The Community Recommendations Report provides a summary of recommendations arising from this workshop. 

Next Steps

The Final Report from the Task Force will be presented to City Council for review and consideration in July. The City of Burnaby Council and staff will then develop an action plan to move forward with solutions for the community housing issue.

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