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Property Taxes & Utilities

Your 2017 Tax Brochure

Tax Payment and Home Owner Grant Options.

2017 Rates

Get more details on Utility Rates, Garbage Disposal Fees, Tax Rates, False Alarm Fees, Metered Water Rates, and Refuse Disposal and Recycling Rates. Find out more »

Assessment Changes For 2018

Each December BC Assessment provides early assessment notices to property owners for significant property assessment increases due to take effect in the following year. BC Assessment mails all the 2018 Assessment Notices during the first week of January. If you did not receive your notice, please contact BC Assessment.

2018 Due Dates

Utilities Charges and Garbage Disposal Fees Thursday, March 15
Property Tax  Wednesday, July 4 


The Tax Office (Tax and Revenue Services) is responsible for the billing and collection of utilities, garbage disposal fees, and property taxes. We also collect taxes for other authorities including Provincial Schools, Translink, Metro Vancouver, Municipal Finance Authority and BC Assessment. The office also provides central revenue receipting services for the City. The Tax Office is part of Finance, and reports to the Assistant Director Finance - Revenue Services.

Contact us with regards to property tax, false alarm fees, utility charges for water, sewer, refuse, commercial refuse, and metered water.

Statements for utilities (water and sewer charges) and garbage disposal fees are mailed out in February and are due in mid-March. Property Tax notices are mailed out at the end of May and are due on the second business day of July. 

As dictated by Provincial legislation, late payment penalties will be added to taxes unpaid or home owner grant not claimed at the end of the following dates: 5% July tax due date and a further 5% September due date.

Important Date

Important Dates

Check out all the important dates for the current year.

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BC Assessment

BC Assessment

Check out how your assessment values affects your property taxes.
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Utility Payments

Utility and Garbage Disposal Fee Payments

Pay utilities and garbage disposal fees before the March due date to be eligible for the 5% discount.
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Property Tax Payments

Property Tax Payments

Pay Property Taxes before the July due date to avoid penalties.
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Home Owner Grant

Online Home Owner Grant 

Avoid line ups and delay, claim your Home Owner Grant online.
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Tax Sale

Tax Sale

Properties with unpaid taxes for three years will be auctioned at the Tax Sale.
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Check out and download our brochures for more information.

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