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Fees, Charges and Penalties

Tax Penalty 

Utilities and Garbage Disposal Fee Discounts

To be eligible for the 5% discount, the utility charges and garbage disposal fee must be paid by the March due date.


Tax Penalties

A 5% penalty will apply to outstanding current taxes unpaid after the July tax due date, and a further 5% after the September due date. 

These penalties are a requirement of the Community Charter.  The City has no authority to either waive or modify these penalty amounts.  A payment that is one day late is subject to the full amount of the penalty.


False Alarms

Unpaid current year’s false alarm charges will be transferred to property taxes as arrears, and will be subject to interest.

Tax Certificate 

Tax Certificates

$45 plus processing fee per tax cert (from API or My LTSA)
$50 per tax cert (from Tax Office)

Historical Tax Information Fee 

Dishonoured Cheque Processing Fee

$35 per cheque

Historical Tax Information Fee 

Mortgage Processing Fee

$20 per folio requested

Historical Tax Information Fee 

Refund Processing Fee

$25 per refund

Historical Tax Information Fee 

Apportionments Fee

$35 per parcel 

Historical Tax Information Fee 

Historical Tax Information Fee

$35 per hour 

NOTE: Must be requested by the owner.

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