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Home Owner Grant

The Home Owner Grant is a property tax assistance program offered by the Province of British Columbia, and is available from late May to December 31 each year. This program helps homeowners reduce the amount of taxes they pay on their homes. The funds raised from the property taxes you pay are used to provide programs and services.

There are two ways to claim the Home Owner Grant:
» Paper - Complete the Home Owner Grant application located at the bottom of the Property Tax Notice.
» Online - Complete the Online Home Owner Grant application. The Roll Number and Access Code are located on the Property Tax Notice.

Claim the Home Owner Grant Online

The Home Owner Grant is available to provide residents the ability to submit their Home Owner Grants online. You will need your Roll Number and Access Code (both numbers are located on the front of your paper statement, and in the Note section of your electronic statement) to access your account, and submit your Home Owner Grant online. Please print or write down your confirmation number for your records.

To be eligible for the Home Owner Grant, you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and ordinarily reside in Burnaby, British Columbia. You must be the owner and occupant of an eligible residence and live in it as your principal residence. You must qualify at the time you submit the application form.

If you are eligible for the Home Owner Grant (column B or C your Tax Notice), you must complete the application for the grant and forward it to the Tax Office by the July due date annually to receive credit for the grant amount and avoid penalties.

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