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How Your Taxes are Calculated

Assessment of Your Property’s Value

Each year, BC Assessment (BCA) provides property owners with an up-to-date valuation of their property. This valuation is based on a number of factors, including potential future use of the land and recent sales in the neighbourhood. Should people think the assessed value set by BCA is too high, owners have an opportunity to file an appeal with BCA. The deadline to file an appeal for 2018 was Wednesday, January 31.

Further information is available in this video, on the BC Assessment website, or by phone at 1-866-825-8322.

Impact of Assessments on Tax Rates

Your assessed value is multiplied by the tax rate for your assessment class and divided by 1,000. The tax rate (or mill rate) is comprised of the rates levied by each taxing authority. The 2018 rates for residential properties are as follows:

Taxing Authority Residential Mill Rate
City 1.5063
School – Province 1.0395
TransLink (GVTA) 0.2115
Metro Vancouver (GVRD) 0.0417
BC Assessment 0.0403
Municipal Finance Authority 0.0002
Total 2.8395


Assessed Value X Mill Rate
/ 1000 = Gross taxes before an eligible Home Owner Grant is applied
$1,151,810 2.8395 $3,271

Where Your Tax Dollars Go

The City of Burnaby is required by the provincial government to collect taxes for provincial services, including schools, TransLink, BC Assessment and Metro Vancouver. Though the City must collect these taxes, it does not determine how much must be collected. These amounts are determined by the Province through the BC Assessment process, and all of the money the City collects is passed on to the Province. Only 53 cents of each dollar collected is for the City services.

Where Your Tax Dollors Go

How the City’s Portion of Taxes is Spent

The City’s portion of taxes collected is used to provide all of the public services noted on the pie chart below, with the majority used to provide protective services, fund parks, recreation and cultural events and maintain our roads, sewer systems and other infrastructure.

How the City’s Portion

Annual Operating Budget

The current year's Annual Financial Plan is available in May each year.

Rates for Utilities and Property Taxes

See our Rates page for details on the current year's utilities and property tax rates.

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