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How to Pay Property Taxes, Utilities and Garbage Disposal Fees

Due dates for property taxes, utilities, and garbage disposal fees are available on the Important Dates page.

Important Note:

For your property taxes and when using any of the payment methods listed below, you must forward a completed Home Owner Grant application to the Burnaby Tax Office or complete the Home Owner Grant online by the tax due date to avoid penalties.

Pay your utilities, garbage disposal fees, and property taxes using the following methods:


Internet/ Phone Banking 

Pay via your financial institution's online web banking or telephone banking.



Pay your bill through the Automated Bank Machine.

Financial Institution

Financial Institutions

Pay via tellers at most banks and credit unions.

WARNING - Internet/Phone Banking and Automated Bank Machine (ATM)

These methods are subject to Penalties if rejected by your financial institution or if you pay after your financial institution's local cut off time on the due date. These payments will be processed with a "payment date" equal to the next payment date. 

Payments must be processed early enough to be received in the Tax Office by the due date, otherwise, the discount will not be applied (for the March due date) and penalties will be applied (for the July due date).

WARNING - Financial Institutions

Retain your receipt for proof of payment. Ensure your Financial Institution will forward payments by the due date. Payments made on or before the due date but received by the City after the due date will not receive the discount (for the March due date) and penalties will be applied (for the July due date).

Financial Institutions no longer accept Home Owner Grant applications. Home Owner Grant applications must be delivered to the Tax Office or submitted online. Either method must be submitted by the due date to avoid penalties.



Pay through automated monthly withdrawal from your account to ensure timely payments.



Mail your cheque and stub well in advance to the Burnaby Tax Office, Box 6200 Van Stn Main, V6B 4B5.

Don't forget to complete your Home Owner Grant application on the July Property Tax Notice.

Postdated cheques are accepted up to the March and July due dates!
In Person


Pay in person on the first floor of City Hall during regular office hours.

An after hours letter drop box is located at both entrance doors of City Hall. These drop boxes are cleared daily and also at midnight on the Utilities and Tax due date.


If this method is chosen, mail lost or delayed by the Post Office will be subject to Penalties.

WARNING - City Hall After Hours Drop Box

These drop boxes will be cleared at the end of the due date (at midnight). Payments deposited after midnight are considered late.


  • Keep your receipts and/or confirmation numbers - payment must be received by the City on or before the due date.
  • Utility charges and garbage disposal fee payments not received by midnight on the March due date will not be eligible for discounts.
  • Property tax payments and completed home owner grant applications not received by midnight on the July due date will be subject to penalties.
  • Pay Your Taxes Online

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  • Home Owner Grant Online

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