Rainfall Warning for Metro Vancouver

Be Prepared for Pooling Water and Localized Flooding

Posted November 21, 2017

rainfall warning is in effect with prolonged periods of rain expected until Thursday. City crews are working to mitigate roadway flooding conditions by clearing leaves and debris from drains, placing road flooding signs and pre-positioning barricades for possible road closures.

Leaves left or put onto city streets can potentially result in localized flooding due to clogged catch basins. Help us by removing leaves and debris from catch basins on your street so the water can easily drain during heavy rainfall. Learn more »

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Get more details on each of the following legislations:

As dictated by Provincial legislation, late payment penalties will be added to taxes unpaid or homeowner grant not claimed at the end of the following dates:

  • 5% after the July tax due date
  • Additional 5% after the September due date

Community Charter

The Community Charter is the first local government legislation in Canada to establish a full set of principles for municipal-provincial relations. View the complete Community Charter.

Public Notice and Access to Records:

Property Value Taxes:

Parcel Taxes:

Local Services Taxes:

Statutory Exemptions:

  • Home Owner Grant Online

    Claim Home Owner Grant OnlineAvoid line ups and delay, claim your Home Owner Grant online.
  • Tax Rates

    Taxes formMoreMore info on current year tax rates.

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