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Claiming Home Owner Grant Online

You can claim your Home Owner Grant online from late May to December 31. Home Owner Grants claimed after the July due date are subject to a 5% penalty and a further 5% after the September due date.

Please refer to the help guide for information. If you have any further questions or issues, please contact the Burnaby Tax Office at tax@burnaby.ca or 604-294-7350. All inquiries will be answered during regular City Hall hours.

Help Guide

StairsA step by step document that guides you through applying for a Home Owner Grant

Remember to record or print the confirmation number at the end of your online Home Owner Grant application.

Your Home Owner Grant application is only considered complete when you receive a confirmation number.

2018 Home Owner Grant is no longer available online. If you wish to claim a 2018 Home Owner Grant please contact the Burnaby Tax Office. 2019 Home Owner Grant will be available at the end of May.