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Local Area Service Levy

The annual charge for Local Area Services completed on your street by May 31 will appear on line 10 of your tax notice. This includes construction of sidewalks, streetlights, speed humps and road paving. 


How To Pay Local Area Service Levy Charge

You may pay for your portion of these improvements in one of three ways:

  1. Pay the annual Local Area Service Levy charge each year over the repayment term of the improvement (5, 10 or 15 years)
  2. Pay the Local Area Service Levy charge in full the first year the annual charge appears on your tax notice to realize the greatest interest saving
  3. Pay the Local Area Service Levy charge outstanding in any subsequent year and realize an interest saving that is reduced with each succeeding year

In order to realize the maximum interest saving, payments must be received in the Tax Office by the Tax Due Date.

Contact the Tax Office

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