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Volunteer Stories

Block Watch Experience

"The most exciting and gratifying part of being in a Block Watch team and having so much great support from the Crime Prevention Unit came to light when I needed to fan out important safety information to my neighbours.

As a Captain of our Block Watch, I was compelled to do my best to alert people when there were a series of assaults taking place in the Lower Mainland. The CPU helped us to coordinate the efforts and I was relieved to know that I could be proactive and really do something that matters.

The most frustrating part of getting a Block Watch in place in my townhouse complex has been learning how to use the computer and reluctantly embracing technology. It has been frustrating at times, a little scary at times but without a doubt it has been the most rewarding thing I have done in many years. I would encourage anyone who is in the same boat as I (60 yrs old, retired, no computer skills) to dive right in and do something that impacts the community. I love to help others and volunteering to work with our Police to help keep our neighbourhood safe has given me a sense of purpose and meaning in my life.

The main takeaway is I would encourage people to get involved in their communities, stick with it, don’t be afraid to dive into the computer stuff, embrace learning a new skill and it will pay off on many levels. In an emergency or when there is a compelling reason to touch base with my neighbours, we finally have a mechanism in place to do what needs to be done." 

Sandra and Lily

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