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Community Safety Plan

Community Safety Plan

The Community Safety Plan is a high-level strategic plan that provides a framework for working with all stakeholders to make decisions about community safety. It sets the course for the future, with pragmatic initiatives and actions for today and a vision of a safe community for all.

More than 1,400 Burnaby residents contributed to this plan by participating in a public engagement process. Through meetings, workshops, kitchen-table conversations, pop-up events and an online survey, they were asked to envision what community safety should look and feel like in the future.

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Burnaby is a safe community for all. The plan articulates a shared vision, mission and goals for the future. The concept of a safe community for all, speaks to our commitment to a just and inclusive city, for people of all ages, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds as a foundation of community safety. 


Bring people together to enhance community safety in Burnaby. To deliver on our vision, we identified four key goals to guide our community safety initiatives.


Community Safety Plan Goals

Priorities and Initiatives

The Community Safety Plan aims to improve community safety in five key priority areas. Each priority includes enhanced, existing and new strategic initiatives. These are just a few of the initiatives outlined in the Community Safety Plan in each priority area:

Community Amenity Safety:
This priority recognizes that safe communities offer a range of public spaces and amenities, and associated services that are not only safe and attractive places to be, but also foster broader community safety through the prevention, reduction and response to harm or injury. The focus is to maintain a high level of safety in City buildings for the public and City staff. 

Crime Prevention & Reduction:
This priority recognizes the critical role crime prevention and reduction plays in enhancing community safety. Crime prevention and reduction refers to efforts to prevent, reduce and deter crime, ensuring citizens and businesses feel safe in our community. 

  • Substance Use Response 
  • Cyber Security Outreach
  • Gang Enforcement & Education
  • Mental Health Response

Transportation Safety:
This priority recognizes the important role planning, development, and delivery of safe transportation networks play in safe communities. Being able to move around safely is a core requirement for keeping Burnaby a great place to live, work, learn and play. 

Emergency Services:
This priority recognizes the significant role that emergency services play in supporting safe communities. Emergency services are dedicated to ensuring the protection of people by addressing emergencies. 

  • First Responder Resiliency 
  • Burnaby Fire Department: Fire Services Review
  • Community Services Portal
  • Burnaby Mobilization & Resiliency Table (B-MART)

Emergency Management:
This priority recognizes the role that emergency management plays in supporting safe and resilient communities. It is important to enhance plans, procedures and services so that the City is better prepared to respond to emergencies and disasters, and are able to maintain services. 

  • Earthquake Strategy
  • Emergency Response & Strategies
  • Fire Home Safety
  • Emergency Operations Centre

Updating the Plan

The Community Safety Plan is intended to be flexible to allow the City to continue to develop over time. The plan will be updated annually with progress reports to the Public Safety Committee in the Spring and Council in the Summer, and will be assessed as to how well the Plan continues to serve and guide for future policies and initiatives.