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About the Burnaby Emergency Program

The City Emergency Program Coordinator works with all other City departments, the local business community, local residents, other emergency service agencies, and all levels of government toward the establishment of an emergency resilient community.

Burnaby’s Emergency Program is an active and progressive one that involves the preparation of detailed response plans that comprise a number of strategies and initiatives that follow the four pillars of emergency management:

  • Mitigation and Prevention
  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Recovery

Mitigation and Prevention

Mitigation and Prevention include activities designed to eliminate or reduce the impacts and risks of hazards before an emergency or disaster occurs. Prevention and mitigation may be considered independently or one may include the other.

In Burnaby, land-use management, building and maintenance of protective structures, such as flood dykes and public education campaigns, are examples of these activities.


Being prepared means being ready to respond to a disaster and manage its consequences through measures taken prior to an event. 

In Burnaby, we prepare through developing, reviewing, and updating a variety of emergency response plans.  We establish mutual aid or assistance agreements, establish memorandums of understanding for goods and services, prepare inventories of resources and equipment, and conduct a training and exercise program.


Response refers to actions taken during or immediately after a disaster to manage consequences and minimize suffering and losses.

Police, Fire, Ambulance and City Engineering services respond to local emergencies on a daily basis.  But a local emergency or disaster can require response agencies that include Federal and Provincial resources as well as adjoining municipalities and other non-government organizations and emergency volunteers.

In Burnaby, examples of response activities include emergency public communication, planned evacuations, and emergency social services (also referred to as personal disaster assistance).


Recovery encompasses the measures needed to repair or restore municipal services to an acceptable level following a local emergency or disaster event.

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