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Fraser River Flood Response Plan

The City of Burnaby’s southern boundary borders approximately seven kilometres of the North Arm of the Fraser River. A majority of the low-lying area between Burnaby’s steep south slope and the Fraser River is floodplain (approximately 800 hectares).

The Fraser River poses a substantial flood hazard. The river can flood parts of the Lower Mainland due to snow-melt or freshet in late spring and early summer, or from heavy rain combined with storm surge events in the winter.

Burnaby’s lowland area adjacent to the Fraser River is largely protected by river and shoreline dikes, pump stations, and flood boxes, but could be at risk for flooding should water levels exceed these protective barriers. The City has a Flood Response Plan prepared to deploy temporary dikes and aquadams, sandbags, and other measures for additional protection.

An integral part of the Flood Response Plan is to ensure that all area businesses and residents, that may be at risk of flooding, are provided with safety information to better respond to any emergency that could arise. Updates will be issued on the City's website, social media channels, an information phone line, and when required, via a public information meeting.

Report Flooding

Call 604-294-7221 from Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM. After hours and on weekends, please call the 24-hour Service Line at 604-294-7200.


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Fraser River - Big Bend
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