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Resources and Links

The internet is full of resources and information on a wide variety of emergency preparedness topics. But how do you know what information is correct and what is myth?

The Burnaby Emergency Program uses and trusts sources that are experts in the field.  Being prepared is serious business, and having the right information is critical to success and survival.

Emergency Management BC

The provincial emergency program, Emergency Management BC (EMBC), is a division of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, reporting to the Minister of State for Emergency Preparedness. EMBC works with local governments year round, providing training and support before, during and after emergencies.

Explore their website at gov.bc.ca/PreparedBC

Public Safety Canada

Public Safety Canada coordinates and supports the efforts of federal organizations, ensuring national security and the safety of Canadians. They also work with other levels of government, first responders, community groups, the private sector and other nations.

They provide information to help Canadians prepare for emergencies, including guides, websites and public awareness activities such as Emergency Preparedness Week.

Explore their website at www.getprepared.ca

  • General Preparedness

    72 HoursMoreCould you cope for 72 hours after an emergency or a disaster?
  • Personal Preparedness

    FamilyMore What can you do to prepare yourself and your family?
  • Preparing Your Business

    BusinessMore Find out how to prepare your staff and your business.
  • What to do with your pets?

    PetsMore Learn how you can keep your pets safe in an emergency.
  • Be A Volunteer

    VolunteerMore Volunteers are always needed. Sign up today!
  • Awareness and Education

    Awareness and EducationMoreRead through and learn something new.