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The Burnaby Emergency Program is enhanced by volunteerism. In many instances the delivery of services depends on the willingness of individuals in a community to help their neighbours become more prepared before an emergency, or help fellow citizens to recover and return to "new" normal after a disaster.

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Burnaby Emergency Volunteers

Burnaby Emergency Volunteers assist the City of Burnaby Emergency Management Program in providing public awareness and education in emergency preparedness and in providing support to those people impacted by disaster.

Skills, Experience and Qualifications Desired

Burnaby Emergency Volunteers must be age 16 or over.  Those aged 15 and under may apply with the consent of a  Guardian.

Burnaby Emergency Volunteers should live within the City of Burnaby or in close proximity.

All skills are welcome. Subject to the desired volunteer area, successful applicants may receive specialized training which is provided by the Burnaby Emergency Management Program.

Trait and Qualities Desired

Burnaby Emergency Volunteers are dependable, teachable, able to follow verbal and written instructions in English, and are team players.

Time Commitment

A two (2) year time commitment is required.

The Benefits of Volunteering

Burnaby Emergency Volunteers understand the value of being prepared and are more prepared to cope successfully in an emergency or disaster.

By volunteering with the Burnaby Emergency program you will meet a diverse range of motivated, passionate, like-minded individuals, learn new skills, have a variety of new experiences and become an important part of your community.

The Volunteer Application Process

Interested volunteers must complete a volunteer profile. Applications are reviewed and candidates are contacted directly with next steps. All volunteers must undergo a Police Information Check.

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Areas of the Burnaby Emergency Volunteer Program

Emergency Support Services (ESS)

Emergency Support Services (ESS) are those services provided on a short-term basis (generally up to 72 hours) to preserve the emotional and physical well being of evacuees and response workers in an emergency.

Volunteers of the ESS program assist their communities in many ways, including:

  • Linkage to first responders agencies
  • Informing local businesses of the program
  • Identifying potential Reception Centres and Group Lodging sites
  • Recruiting and training more volunteers
  • Completing contact lists and exercising their plan
  • Informing the public of help available following a disaster
  • Providing for the essential needs of people affected by a disaster

Burnaby Amateur Radio Club (BARC)

Burnaby Amateur Radio Club (BARC) is a dedicated group of radio amateurs dedicated to providing amateur radio (HAM) to Burnaby. They provide expertise, knowledge and skills to the Burnaby's Emergency Management Program in preparing for emeregncy communications by both voice and data using amateur radio. 
More information on their activities »

Awareness and Education

The Burnaby Emergency Management Program receives many requests to conduct preparedness presentations to groups or to provide emergency preparedness information at forums, special events, exhibitions and fairs. Volunteers interested in participating in awareness activities receive specialized training in presentations and communications.

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