No Smoking in Parks, Trails & Green Spaces | No Charcoal Barbeques in Parks

Due to the dry weather and heat that could result in fire hazards, the City of Burnaby advises all park users that there is NO SMOKING permitted in the Burnaby parks, trails and green spaces.

Charcoal barbeques in City of Burnaby parks and beaches are prohibited. At this time, only propane gas barbeques are permitted. Please check the city’s website for updates on whether all types of barbequing will be banned if conditions worsen.

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Environmental Emergency Response

The Environmental Services Division of the City of Burnaby’s Engineering Department is responsible for responding to accidental spills.  We respond during regular hours and after hours. 

For more information, please contact  the City of Burnaby Engineering Department at 604-294-7460 or

Reporting a Spill

In the event of an accidental environmental spill, contact the City of Burnaby Engineering Department at 604-294-7200 immediately.

If a chemical is flammable, toxic, corrosive or has other hazardous properties, call the Burnaby Fire Department immediately at 911.

Any person responsible for stormwater drainage pollution may be held liable under municipal, provincial and federal legislation.

Drain with oil

Spill Prevention

In Burnaby the stormwater drainage system discharges surface runoff, untreated, into open creeks. There are over 60 creeks and 2 lakes in Burnaby that form an important network of watercourses and provide a natural habitat for salmon, trout and other aquatic life.

Drainage tunnelsDrain Fish Template

Hazardous material spills should always be contained and must be cleaned up immediately to prevent them from entering the stormwater drainage system. Businesses and commercials operations that utilize chemicals should:

  • Develop a spill response plan which includes a spill response kit equipped with absorbent materials that are appropriate for wastes produced by the facility.
  • Train employees on how to use the spill response plan, chemical usage and waste handling techniques.
  • Ensure all employees are aware of their role in preventing stormwater pollution by reviewing best management practices, and waste water discharge requirements.
  • Post educational signage and/or mark storm drains to educate employees about stormwater pollution prevention.

Never pour anything into an outside storm drain. All drains lead to fish habitat.


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