COVID-19 Impacts in Burnaby

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City Services

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Be Curious

Burnaby Public Library

Don't have a library card? Call us at 604-436-5400 and get one for free! Use it to stay home and keep reading with our expanding e-book and audiobook collections. Browse and borrow from thousands of titles for kids, teens and adults, fiction and non-fiction!

Or use your card to get free access to online resources. Read newspapers and magazines from around the world, practice a new language, take classes from industry experts, watch independent films, and more. All from home, with your Burnaby Public Library card!

Burnaby Village Museum

We invite you to experience Burnaby Village Museum from home by accessing some of our favourite resources and at-home activities. Visit our website to give them a try! 

Stay in touch on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Sign up for our e-newsletter for updates on Burnaby Village Museum news, content, and other ways that you can access the Museum online. 

Get to know Burnaby's History is home to all of the community assets, heritage services and historic collections managed by the City of Burnaby. Take an online tour through the projects and collections:

Burnaby Maps and Open Data

The City of Burnaby's data and information is available in several formats, including maps, for you to access and interact with online or download for use later.

Burnaby Kids Map

Activities for kids to explore and learn about Burnaby

Burnaby Historical Aerial Photo Viewer

Take a look through time and see Burnaby from 1930 to 2017.

SpyGlass App

Story Maps

Browse our collection of Story Maps that have been created for various topics to present City information in a visual, geographical and interactive format.

Open Data Portal

Interact with data directly through maps, tables and charts. Download files for Burnaby LIDAR, aerial photographs, terrain and 3D digital elevation model.


Over thirty map layers (themes) of data that can be turned on and off with a click of a button.

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