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Kiln Rental at the Shadbolt

Raku Kiln

Members of the public are invited to make use of the extensive kiln facilities at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts for the purposes of firing ceramic ware.

To receive an access application form, or for information on guidelines for access and training on the use of the kilns, please call Jay MacLennan, Ceramic Technician 604-205-3042.

Kilns Available & Fee Structure

Kiln Size Cost*
Electric Kiln (6.5 cu. ft.) Bisque $69.72 per firing
Electric Kiln (10 cu. ft.) Bisque $72.14 per firing
Electric Kiln  (6.5 cu. ft.) Glaze to Cone 6  $84.09 per firing 
Electric Kiln  (10 cu. ft.) Glaze to Cone 6 $86.57 per firing  
Electric Kiln  (6.5 cu. ft.) Cone 9  $101.75 per firing 
Raku Kiln  Call for details $259.03 for 3 hours
($51.04 each extra hour)
Blaauw Gas Kiln  29 cu. ft. Call for Estimate 
Sawdust Kiln   Call for details Call for Estimate 
Soda Kiln  35 cu. ft. Call for Estimate 
Wood Kiln  53 cu. ft. Call for Estimate 

Kiln rentals are subject to the following additional costs, depending on firing type. Please call for a complete estimate for your firing needs:

Technical Supervision/Support $44.86 per hour
Insurance Charges - Electrical/Gas Only
Note: Raku, Sawdust, Soda and Wood, renters must have their own insurance. Call for details.
$1.50 per hour
Damage Deposit  $500.00
GST 5%


Electric Kilns

The Shadbolt Centre is home to 5 top loading electric kilns ranging in size from 7-10 cu. ft.. All have programmable controllers. The kilns are available for bisque, low/medium, or high temperature glazing or crystalline firing.  Electric Kiln

Raku Kilns

There are 2 Raku Kilns at the Shadbolt Centre. They are fuelled by natural gas and monitored with a digital promter. The Shell opens and closes with an easy one-handed movement of the counterweight. The sandbox and metal containers are available for reduction. Bring your own combustible materials.  Raku Kiln

Blaauw Gas Kiln

Imported from the Netherlands for the Shadbolt Centre, this is a 29 cu. ft. automatic gas kiln that is suitable for any temperature range, oxidation or reduction, and boasts quick and accurate firing. Also suitable for large scale work since it has a moveable cart to load onto.  Blaauw Gas Kiln

Sawdust Kiln

This is a 25 cu. ft. brick box that uses sawdust as the fuel. Renters bring their own sawdust, free of preservatives, glues, or other contaminates. Sawdust Kiln

Soda Kiln

The kiln was designed by Ted Neal and is fired by natural gas. The chamber holds about 35 cu. ft. of ware depending on the stacking. The soda firing takes approximately 12 hours with an overnight preheat. The soda is dissolved in water and is sprayed in the kiln at the end of the firing. Soda Kiln

Wood Kiln

The Shadbolt Centre's wood fired train kiln, designed by John Neely was rebuilt by Ted Neal in 2014. It holds approximately 53 cu. ft. of ware. The wood firing takes approximately 32 hours. Train Kiln