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Snow Shovelling Tips

Get the Scoop on Shovelling

Reduce your chance of a back injury during the winter season with some good snow shovelling tips.

  • Use an ergonomic snow shovel with a curved or adjustable handle to make snow removal easier
  • Do your back a favour by warming up for five to ten minutes prior to shovelling
  • Cold, tight muscles are prone to injury, so try going for a brisk walk, marching in place or doing any other full body activity before shovelling
  • Use the shovel to push snow to one side rather than lifting it. If lifting is necessary, make sure to bend your knees to take the strain off your back
  • Pace yourself by removing small amounts of snow frequently instead of removing a large pile all at once
  • Take a 10 or 15 minute break during shovelling and stretch out your arms, shoulders and back to keep them warm and flexible.
  • Wear shoes or boots with good treads to minimize the risk of slipping
  • Spread sand, rock salt or kitty litter on your sidewalk or driveway to increase traction and reduce accidents

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