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Local Area Service Program

Street before Local Area Service Program

Before Local Area Service

Street after Local Area Service Program

After Local Area Service

What is the Local Area Service Program?

Property owners can use the Local Area Service Program (LASP) to have improvements constructed on a residential street or lane. LASP projects are initiated through a petition process and the costs are shared between the City and the benefiting property owners.

Possible LASP projects include:

  • Street upgrade, including road pavement with concrete curb and gutters, grass boulevard, street trees, and sidewalks;
  • Sidewalks only;
  • Street lights (with LED lights);
  • Back lane paving;
  • Traffic calming measures, such as speed humps on local streets; and 
  • Street trees (new or replacement trees).

Reasons for Local Improvements

  • Improve safety and accessibility for all users;
  • Improve drainage on the street;
  • Enhance the appearance of the streetscape; and
  • Minimize dust in the dry season and prevent erosion of gravel surfaces.


The Local Government Act, the Community Charter and the Burnaby Local Improvement Charges Bylaw 1985 provide the statutes for the administration of local improvements. 

The LASP Process

A LASP project typically takes one to three years from initiation to construction to payment.




Projects are initiated when an owner with a property abutting the proposed improvements makes a formal written request by letter or email to the Local Improvements Clerk.

Projects can be initiated at any time throughout the year, with May 31 being the cut-off for design and construction the following year(s).

Feasibility Review

The Engineering Department reviews the street to determine if the proposed work qualifies for an LASP and if construction is feasible.

For residential street upgrade and sidewalk construction projects, driveways are reviewed and any unauthorized driveways will be flagged.

For speed hump projects, proposed locations require Council approval to proceed prior to any petitions being sent out.

Petition Letters

The City sends a petition letter (typically in July-August) to every registered property owner on the street with:

  1. Information on the proposed LASP work and associated costs to the owner
  2. Petition form for signature
Petition Period

Property owners in support of the petition are given 30 calendar days to submit their petition forms back to the City.

The petition will be considered successful if there is support from a minimum of 50% of registered property owners, and whose property values that in total represent at least 50% of the assessed value of land and improvements subject to the local service tax.

A registered property owner refers to owner of a legal address (i.e. legal lot or legal strata).

Inquiry Period All property owners can inquire about the outcome of the petition within 14 calendar days of the petition deadline. After 14 calendar days, the results will be presented to City Council.
Certificate of Sufficiency Council is presented with the results of the LASP petition and recommendations are made to proceed or not proceed with construction.
Council Approval Construction Bylaw and Expenditure Bylaw with details of the work for successful petitions are presented to Council for approval.
Design and Construction After the project is approved by Council, the City will begin design of the work. Construction typically takes place during the following year's construction season. Construction notices will be handed out to all residents on the street before construction begins.

Once the LASP works are complete, the City will collect the lump sum or annual payments from all property owners on the street.

The first annual charge will appear on the property tax statement in the year following construction. To avoid interest charges owners may make a lump sum payment by the due date of the first tax billing year, or the remaining balance in any subsequent year.

How Much Does it Cost?

LASP works are cost-shared between property owners and the City. The property owner's cost is based on standard LASP rates multiplied by the width of the assessed property frontage. Special considerations have been established to determine the cost share for corner lots, triangular lots and irregularly lots to ensure fairness.

Standard LASP rates (see below) were calculated using historic construction costs of standard projects. If actual costs exceed the standard project costs due to site conditions, the City will cover the excess costs. Speed Humps are 100% funded by property owners.

Annual Payment Option

Type of Work

Annual Rate per Metre* (includes interest) Term (years) Interest Rate (%)
Street Upgrade
New pavement with curb and gutter, sidewalks, storm sewers and street trees as required $21.03 15 3.16
Sidewalk Only
Only eligible for roads with existing curb and gutter $5.47 15 3.16
Street Lighting
LED Lights  $3.18 10 3.16
Lane Paving
Back lane paving  $10.62 5 3.16
Traffic Calming
Speed Humps $0.82 5 3.16
Boulevard Trees
New trees $3.30 5 3.16
Replacement trees $14.41 5 3.16

*Effective November 18, 2019

Payment Options

Property owners have the option to:

  • Pay in one lump sum;
  • Pay over a payment period with incurred interest; or
  • Payment of the remaining balance in any subsequent year.

Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel

Property owners may submit a complaint regarding Local Area Service charges and may appeal frontage measurements, to the Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel. The Panel meets annually and is comprised of Council and staff from Engineering, Finance and Clerks Department.

What to Expect in a LASP Project

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