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Local Area Service

Neighbourhood improvements undertaken for the benefit of property owners on a specific street include:

  • Pavement widening with concrete curb and gutters (including sidewalks and trees, as required)
  • Installation of street lighting
  • Lane paving
  • Installation of traffic calming measures, such as speed humps
  • Sidewalk construction
  • Planting and replacement of boulevard trees on finished streets

These Local Area Services are provided at shared-cost between the City and property owners pending approval from both parties.

How Does it Work?

The Engineering Department prepares Local Area Service Programs based on requests received from property owners and other City Departments. Requests are prioritized in the order they were received and included in the City budget based on funding availability.


Most local area service is done by the “Petition Method”. 

  1. Once included in the budget, a petition form is sent to the property owner who made the original request
  2. That property owner is then expected to circulate the petition and return it to City Hall after sufficient signatures have been obtained .
  3. If at least 50% of the abutting owners, representing at least 50% of the total assessed value of the affected properties sign in favour of having the work done, the petition will be submitted to Council for project approval


Who pays for a Local area service?

Costs are shared between the City and abutting owners. The annual charge per metre of taxable frontage depends on the type of work. On average, the City's share represents 50-75% of the overall construction cost depending on the mix of streets and type of improvements. Owners pay 100% of the cost for traffic calming measures.

LAS Rates

Annual Charge (per Metre) Payment Period (Years)
Residential Street Upgrade (*)
Curb only $30.00 15
Curb and sidewalk $35.00 15
Curb and replacement sidewalk $32.50 15
Sidewalk (concrete) $10.50 15
Sidewalk (asphalt - commercial only) $16.00 10
Street Lighting $16.27 10
Lane Paving $30.00 5
Traffic Calming Measures
Speed Humps $2.70 5
Driveway Crossings
Residential $20.00 (**) 15
Commercial $100.00 (**) 15
Boulevard Trees
New Trees $4.46 5
Replacement Trees $13.94 5

(*) With storm sewers and tree planting as required
(**) Annual Charge per crossing

Alternatively, to avoid interest charges, a lump sum payment may be paid by the due date of the first year the annual charge appears on your tax statement, or in any subsequent year.

The assessed taxable frontage for most regular shaped lots is the actual distance abutting the work. For irregularly shaped lots (eg. Cul-de-sacs, etc.) the assessed frontage takes into consideration the area, shape and other unique features to ensure a fair assessment when compared with other lots.

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Boulevard Trees City Arborist 604-297-4500
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