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Road Maintenance


Please call Engineering Dispatch at 604-294-7200 if you know of a damaged section of sidewalk or walkway that requires repair.

Each year the Roads Section conducts a formal inspection on all the sidewalks in one of the six maintenance zones of the City to identify deficiencies. The high-pedestrian use commercial area sidewalks such as Hastings Street and Kingsway Ave are inspected on an annual basis. Deficiencies are prioritized and the highest priority deficiencies are repaired.

Activities include:

  • Sidewalk inspections
  • Sidewalk grinding
  • Patching of sidewalks using concrete and asphalt fillets 
  • Removal and replacement of sidewalk panels

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Surface Drainage

In Surface Drainage, we maintain roadside ditches by improving run-off and reducing flooding of private property. We maintain creeks and waterways and patrol, inspect and clean trash racks and culverts.

Activities include:

  • Hand clean roadside ditches 
  • Machine clean roadside ditches 
  • Clean creeks and waterways 
  • Inspection and maintenance of trash racks 
  • Erosion control 
  • Clean up of pollution spills 
  • Install and maintain asphalt water control curbs

Flood Control

Flood Control provides maintenance to dyke gates, flood boxes, pump stations, dykes, and sediment facilities for drainage conveyance and flood control services while improving and protecting fish and wildlife habitat.

Activities include:

  • Dyke inspections and maintenance
  • Vegetation control and removal
  • Pump station repairs and maintenance 
  • Flow monitoring
  • Culvert inspections and maintenance
  • Removal of sedimentation from sediment facilities
  • Weed control 

Boulevard and Median Maintenance

We provide maintenance of boulevards and medians to improve safety, access, and provide a visually pleasing environment for Burnaby as a whole.

Activities include:

  • Hand brushing and mowing of City grass boulevards and medians
  • Bus stop repairs and maintenance
  • Vegetation control and removal 
  • Repair asphalt and concrete medians 
  • Landscaping 
  • Tree management
  • Weed control 

Road Surface Maintenance

We maintain roads to a safe level by patching and filling potholes. We extend the life of the road by sealing cracks and repairing base failures. By grading gravel shoulders, we reduce roadside hazards and through street sweeping program we can maintain streets and prevent deposits in catch basins. We also carry out post construction maintenance on utility cuts for the capital improvement program.

To report a pothole, please reach out to Engineering - General Inquiries

Activities include:

  • Pothole patching 
  • Hot mix asphalt laid 
  • Repair base failures 
  • Crack sealing 
  • Repair gravel shoulders 
  • Grade  gravel shoulders
  • Utility cut maintenance and surface reinstatement

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Road Improvements

This is to improve the road system to ensure safe and convenient travel by the public through road construction and rehabilitation projects. Road improvement projects are an important part of managing Burnaby’s road infrastructure.

Activities include:

  • Road resurfacing
  • Repairs to curb and gutter
  • Adjustments to manholes and valve boxes

Snow & Ice Control

We clear snow from municipal streets on a priority basis to ensure streets are safe and passable for traffic, and apply salt, sand or ice melt compound as required during freezing conditions to provide traction and prevent accidents.

Activities include:

  • Application of salt to priority routes on a pre-determined schedule
  • Ploughing of snow from municipal streets and bridges on a priority basis to maintain safety and access to core facilities and traffic routes 
  • Clear snow from Bus stops and wheelchair ramps, beginning with those along busy arterial streets followed by collector streets
  • Clear snow from sidewalks adjacent to municipal facilities (such as libraries and community centres)

 Get more information on the City's Snow and Ice Control program.

  • Snow & Ice Control

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