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Street Lights & Traffic Signals

Street Lights

For information on upgrading the lighting on your street, go to the Local Area Service Program page or call the Engineering Department at 604-294-7460.

To report damaged or non-working street lights contact the Traffic Section at 604-294-7440. Please include the following information to assist our crews in locating the light:

  • Type of pole (wooden or metal)
  • Street address the light is in front of, or
  • Pole number, (usually stencilled about 2 metres up in the format 4/51)
  • Whether the light is completely out or is working intermittently.

What Are the Design Standards for Street Lighting?

The City of Burnaby maintains two types of street lighting, interim and finished standard. Interim standard lighting provides a very basic level of lighting at the intersection (or every 215 metres) with the installation of a leased light fixture from BC Hydro that is installed on wooden Hydro poles. Finished standard lighting provides a more uniform level of lighting with City-owned steel poles. Spacing of these street light poles are approximately 50 metres but is dependent on the classification of the street and the type of fixture installed.

All City-owned street lights (on metal poles) have been converted to more energy efficient LED (light emitting diodes) fixtures that provide a whiter light. Leased lights from BC Hydro (on wooden poles) still use HPS (high pressure sodium) fixtures that have a more yellow light. BC Hydro will be converting their lights to LED in the near future.

Traffic Signals

The Traffic Section oversees the design and construction of new signals, and is currently responsible for the operation and maintenance of over 230 traffic signals.  

To report a traffic signal in need of repair, or if you want to make an inquiry, you can contact us during regular office hours (8:00 AM to 4:45 PM, Monday to Friday) at  604-294-7460 or by email at For emergencies outside of office hours please call Engineering Emergency Dispatch at 604-294-7200.

When Are Traffic Signals Used?

Traffic signals are used at intersections where traffic volumes have increased beyond the ability of lesser controls, such as four-way stops, to safely manage vehicle right-of-way. 

A traffic signal can increase the traffic handling capacity of an intersection when installed under appropriate conditions, and is a valuable device for improving safety for all roadway users, but they are not a "cure-all" for traffic problems. An unjustified signal can cause excessive delay, driver disobedience, and diversion of traffic into surrounding neighbourhoods. They can also create an increase in the number of rear-end collisions.

What Are the Design Standards for Traffic Signals?

All of Burnaby’s signals are equipped with a state of the art emergency vehicle pre-emption system. Additional innovations include audible signals for sight impaired pedestrians, countdown timers for pedestrians and uninterruptable power supply at major intersections in the event of a power outage. The City has also employed the use of LED signal heads since 2003, reducing power consumption by 75%. 

Other Helpful Contacts

  • City of Vancouver: Traffic Signal Repair call 604-871-6200 for signals along Boundary Road
  • City of Coquitlam: 604-927-3500
  • City of New Westminster: 604-527-4592
  • Ministry of Transportation & Highways: 604-660-8300 for signals at Canada Way & Kensington Avenue, Canada Way & Willingdon Avenue and Cariboo Road & Gaglardi Way.
  • Intersection Safety Cameras (ISC or “red light cameras”) contact ICBC:
  • Highway 1 Cameras

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  • Local Area Service

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