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Street Signs & Markings

Burnaby has implemented a few new initiatives:

  • Our Stop Sign maintenance program aims to prolong the life of new stop signs. We use the most advanced materials available; signs are sheeted with "Diamond Grade VIP Sheeting", manufactured by 3M Canada and then Silk Screened with Red Transparent Ink. This is then layered with an Ultra Violet Protective Clear Coat
  • Street Name signs are presently being replaced with a larger profile 200 mm wide sign blank, installed in a cantilever position. The larger signs have have been introduced with favorable responses from our Ageing population and Fire Services, due to the greater visibility of the larger signs

Marking or Lining the Pavement

Lane Lining and Centre Lining is carried out with the use of a specially equipped truck. Road marking paint is sprayed onto the road surface by means of pressurized air guns, followed by a coating of Glass beads which further enhances the retro - reflectivity of the line.

Crosswalk Markings are applied using Thermoplastic. Thermoplastic consists of a mixture of glass beads, binder, pigment and filler materials. Thermoplastic, as it's name suggests, becomes liquid when heated. It is now applied with the use of a Thermoplastic Applicator. This type of application greatly increases retro-reflectivity and longevity of these markings.

Raised Pavement Markers are a reflective plastic, installed at selected intervals to further enhance retro - reflectivity of the Centre Lines and Lane Lines during night time and wet weather conditions.

Public Works is responsible for the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of traffic signage and road marking within the City. Learn more about us at the the Signs & Markings Shop on our City Department page.

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