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View, Sidewalk & Lane Obstructions

View obstructions at intersections are usually caused by overgrown trees, bushes, fences and advertising signs on a corner property which restrict a driver's sight. This makes entry onto or across an intersecting street difficult or dangerous.

Sidewalk, lane & road obstructions are usually caused by overgrown trees, bushes or a variety of signs, cones, pails and other objects which obstruct pedestrians on the sidewalk, vehicles in lane ways and parking on the street.

All reported obstructions are reviewed by the Traffic Section. Depending on the circumstances property owners are requested to remove the obstruction or City crews are dispatched.

To report an obstruction or for more information, please contact the City of Burnaby Traffic Division.

Lane Obstruction
View Obstruction
Road Obstruction
Road Obstruction
Sidewalk Obstruction - hedge
Sidewalk Obstruction

Main Bylaws Governing Site Lines at Intersections

Burnaby Zoning Bylaw (Number 4742)

6.13 Vision Clearance at Intersections

1. In any zoning district, in the area bounded by the intersecting lot lines at a street corner or a lane corner and a line joining points along the lot lines,

(a) in the case of a street corner, 9.0 metres (29.53 ft) from their point of intersection, and

(b) in the case of a lane corner, 6.0 metres (19.69 ft) from their point of intersection, no fence, wall or structure other than a permitted street canopy in a C2, C3 or C4 District or a permitted principal building shall be erected to a greater height than 1 metre (3.28 ft) and no hedge, shrub, tree or other growth shall be maintained or allowed to grow so as to obstruct vision clearance.

2. In this section "lane corner" means the intersection of a lane with another lane or with a street. (B/L No. 8872-87-12-14)

6.14 Fences

5. Subject to the vision clearance provisions of Section 6.13 the following height limitations shall apply to fences or walls. (B/L No. 8096-83-09-19)

(a) In all zoning districts, except for required screening, fences or walls not greater than 1 metre (3.28 ft) in height may be located anywhere on a lot.

6. Clause (5) shall not apply to open mesh or chain link type fences erected on cemetery, public playground, park, playfield, elementary or high school areas, and in M Districts. In these cases, no such fence shall exceed a height of 3.5 metres (11.48 ft).

Bylaws Governing Sidewalk, Lane & Road Obstructions

Burnaby Street & Traffic Bylaw (Number 4299, Section 24.1)

“No person shall excavate in, do or construct any works upon, cause a nuisance upon, encumber, obstruct, injure, foul, or damage any portion of a highway or other public place without written permission so to do from Council and except under such terms and conditions as may be imposed by the Council in such permission.”

Burnaby Sign Bylaw 1972

“Burnaby Sign Bylaw 1972” prohibits the displaying of portable signs on private property (except those permitted in Schedule No. 1 of the Bylaw). Information about “Burnaby sign Bylaw 1972”, as applicable to your location, is available by contacting the Building Department at 604-294-7524.


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