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Banner Placement

Overpass Banners

The City presently has two locations for hanging large banners within Burnaby for advertising non-profit services or events:

  • Canada Way Pedestrian Overpass located on Canada Way at Ledger
  • Kingsway Pedestrian Overpass located on Kingsway east of Boundary

Each overpass has space for two banners, with one on either side of the overpass.

The overpasses are not open for banner bookings from the beginning of November to the end of January.


  • The placement of banners within the City is for non-profit organizations only and there is no fee required.
  • Dimensions of banners must be 3' by 20' or smaller, with lettering 3" or larger. It must be made from canvas or vinyl with grommets spaced every 2 to 3 feet along the top and bottom.
  • Banners are required at least one week prior to placement. Drop these off at the front counter of the Engineering Department, 4th Floor, 4949 Canada Way.

Insurance Requirements:

Liability insurance in the minimum amount of $2 million is required.

  • The City of Burnaby must be named as co-insured.
  • The policy must include a 30-day cancellation notice and a cross liability clause.
  • The policy must include a statement referring to the location and date of placement (eg. Banner placement on Canada Way at Ledger from 2016 January 7 to 21). If multiple dates are required within the calendar year, the organization can provide one insurance certificate covering all the dates and locations required.
  • The original insurance certificate must be received by the City at least one week prior to banner placement.


  • Organizations may book both locations (four banners) for the same time period. If the City receives other requests for the same time period, you may be limited to one banner to accommodate other organizations’ requests.
  • The longest period of time allowed for hanging a banner is one month.
  • Bookings for banner placement are taken for one calendar year at a time. All requests must be received by November 30 and will not be processed until December 15 prior to the start of the calendar year.
  • Banners are installed and removed on Mondays only. In the event a holiday falls on the Monday the banners will be installed or removed on the next day.
  • The City does not take bookings over the phone: all bookings must be received by fax (604-294-7425), letter, or e-mail (sheryl.pordan@burnaby.ca)
  • The City of Burnaby will not be reminding/contacting organizations about banner drop offs, pickups and insurance requirements. If the correct insurance and banners are not received at least one week prior to placement date, the banner(s) will not be installed. If the banner is not picked up after one calendar month from the end date of the booking, it will be disposed of.

Street Light Banners

For banners on City street light poles, please contact Demian Rueter in the Planning Department at 604-294-7418.


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