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Driveway Crossing

Approvals for new driveway crossings and changes to existing crossings are typically carried out when a new site is developed or as part of site redevelopment. In these cases, a detailed building and site plan must be submitted to the Building Department for review. For single and two family dwellings, more information can be obtained from the Parking Areas and Driveway bulletin.

The Traffic Section reviews driveway crossing locations, and provision of access is subject to approval by the Engineering Department or Director Engineering. Our review is focussed on:

  • The function of the adjoining roadway
  • Safe and effective vehicular access to properties
  • Minimizing disruptions to through traffic

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How Do I Submit a Plan?

Most projects involve site development or redevelopment, and so your detailed plan will need to be submitted to the Building Department.

Where no construction is planned or where the project involves only minor adjustments to an existing driveway, an application can be made to the Engineering/Traffic Department. To apply for this project:

  • Contact the Engineering/Traffic Department at 604-294-7460
  • Make a site plan that:
    • Indicates existing and proposed driveway and on-site parking
    • Includes location, width, elevations (slope) of the proposed driveway
    • Includes any trees, hydro poles, lamp standards or fire hydrants located on the site or in close proximity

Property owners are responsible for all costs of new crossings and the cost of removing redundant crossings. Driveway accesses will only be granted or retained where the driveway leads to a legal parking area as defined in Schedule No. VIII of the Burnaby Zoning Bylaw.

Access Requirements

In general, only one access is permitted to a lot. Where access to a minor street or lane is available access to arterial or collector streets will not be permitted.

Where Can My Driveway Be Constructed?

For new construction, access must be taken from the lane if such access is available and not physically constrained

  • A minimum of 1.5m clearance shall be provided from hydro poles, signs, fire hydrants or lamp standards
    • If the driveway cannot be moved to maintain the necessary clearances, the structure may be moved at the property owner's expense and subject to the approval of the Engineering Department (or Director Engineering)

The driveway grade should be level from the curb or future curb to the property line. The remainder should not exceed 15%. No retaining structures or alterations to the boulevard are permitted, and no treatment may be applied to the boulevard for the purposes of parking.

Driveway surface drainage may be directed to the street or lane provided the total driveway/parking surface does not exceed 56 square metres (600 square feet) per dwelling unit. Surface drainage for driveways over 56 square metres and all paved or impervious parking areas must be directed to an on-site drainage system.

Driveway accesses to lanes may be a maximum width of 9.0m, and shall be located a minimum of 4.5m from a lane/street or a lane/lane intersection as measured along the property line.

Driveway accesses to streets (if available) shall be sized in accordance with the width of the proposed parking area and/or the lot frontage, to a maximum of 6.0m, or 40% of the lot frontage. Parking areas wider than 6.0m must be tapered down to 6.0m at the property line. The minimum access width permitted is 3.0m.  Access shall be located a minimum of 6.0m from the property line corner at a street/street intersection as measured along the property line.

Contact Us

For more information on driveway requirements call the Engineering Department at 604-294-7460 or email

For information on parking stall dimensions, manoeuvring/driving aisle widths please refer to the Burnaby Zoning Bylaw, Off-Street Parking Schedule.

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